David & Megan: Weirdos in love

When a couple tells me that they are not good at taking photos, I generally believe them. It's a strange thing. we all want nice photos of ourselves to mark our place in time, however many of my clients tell me after that leading up to the session they are filled with a strange amount of anxiety about having their photos taken. I do not have a perfect solution to quell this anxiety or nervousness. I am finding that if I get them to open up and show me their weird side (through conversation between photos or suggestion of posing) the more at home they will feel around my camera. David & Megan are perfect examples of this. I'm happy that I know them, and happy that I could capture their relationship in a few images.

Lastly, David sent me this review/text message after opening the gallery:

Meg is no longer convinced that we can’t take a good picture together. Which may be the biggest compliment I could ever give to a photographer.
- David Whiteside PhD