True North Conference: Tech for Good 2018

Communitech hosted an incredible 3 day event at lot 42 and the surrounding Kitchener area. The purpose of the conference was to stimulate the conversation around the ethics of creating businesses and technology. From group discussions to key note speakers, the conference was packed with international members of our society in art, media, and science. All contributing their ideas and input on how to move forward in technology in an ethical and responsible way. 

I took some photos.

Lisa & Perry One Year Later

When I filmed Lisa & Perry's wedding in Mexico I was left with a hangover. Not (only) from the relentless shots we did that night, but from the feeling that I would not get to spend another week with these personable and wonderful humans again. I made a promise to myself that I would keep in touch. I'm glad I did. One calendar year later I was shooting a wedding at the same resort Azul FIves. I sent a text to Lisa to thank her for the review she left on the Azul-Brides Facebook page. She texted back with exciting news. They were going back for their anniversary! Needless to say, we spent a few days around the pool-bar... and we were able to sneak in a photoshoot to commemorate their paper anniversary.